Traveling in Time Chapter 4

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Ch 4
Lauren was sipping green tea infront of the television, not really following the program at all. She was thinking about Harry and the time-machine. The future was to be visited next. She couldn’t stop thinking about Tom, the boy she had met there. What would happen to him after the war? Would he still be alive?
She made her mind to ask Harry to take her to the year 1945, just a few days after the war had ended. At least she could check up on the orphanage, see that everything was ok.“Mum I’m leaving!” she called out.
“Already? Where have you been going off to these last two days? We’re going out together today. How about a nice picnic?”
“Mu-um! It’s…a project! About world war two…and feminism? I guess.”
She had never been very good at lying and although she tried her best at persuading her mum, it didn’t work. Lauren called the Inventor (believe it or not, he still had one of those telephones where you have to turn this circle thing to dial the numbers) and he understood her perfectly well. He actually said that some time off from all this time travelling might do them both some good.
It felt good to have some fresh air and the picnic food had been scrumptious. She could take her mind off all that had happened in the past few days for a while. Although it was an amazing experience, it was also extremely tiring. Especially adjusting to all the changes that had happened from 1940 directly to 2017.
Suddenly her gaze shifted to a building which she had remembered not being in use for all her life. She had never given it any second thoughts before but this time round, the yellow, blue and wine coat of arms which was still quite visible seemed familiar.
“Hey, mum what’s that building over there?”
“I’ve never told you? I guess not. It was a very successful orphanage, that is, until after the war. They ended up with no money. No one could afford to adopt the children since many people didn’t even have a house of their own. The children ended up on the street and every one of them was found dead a few days, or months later. They couldn’t find any food, poor things. I don’t remember it of course, but that’s what your grandma says.”
Lauren felt sick. She was sure it was the exact same one from the year 1940. She had to save those children, every one of them. She didn’t know how, but she knew she had to. She tried to forget just for a little while but it was too hard.
She called Harry, “Tomorrow, 1945, we are saving those children.”

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