Traveling in Time Ch3

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Ch 3
“I want to explore this whole place! Come on, hurry up!” cried Lauren.
“Wait, we need to hide the machine. Help me push it under those trees. I don’t want anyone to find it,” Harry replied, “And put this dress on.”
The girl half-heartedly put on the dress and went to help him. She was dying to explore this whole place. She noticed that many men had elegant mustaches and wore suits and ties accompanied by smart bowler hats. Others though were wearing casual clothes like collared shirts and high waist trousers. Women on the other hand wore simple dresses up to knee length.
“Ok we’re done! Let’s have a stroll around this place. It looks quite safe,” suggested Harry. The sound of birds chirping somehow lifted the place’s energy and the smell of rain on freshly cut grass lingered in the air. Many kind people smiled at Lauren and two kind-hearted women even handed her some money. Strangely enough there seemed to be some torn down houses and many damaged buildings. The place wasn’t as beautiful as it should have been but Lauren didn’t give it too much thought, it was probably nothing.
“Oh, look at that lovely garden! Can we go? Please?” she cried. The Inventor agreed. They entered calmly. It really was a dear little garden (don’t judge I have an Enid Blyton mood). Beautiful pink roses entwined around two rusty iron gates. Children’s laughter could be heard from inside. A grand fountain with crystal clear water had a calming effect on the whole garden. Some fish were happily swimming inside.
A group of around thirty children wearing the exact same wine red uniform were all in a single file behind each other. Two older women were next to them, talking in a very loud voice. They looked like their teachers or something.
Lauren decided to go talk to one of the children. “Hi I’m Lauren. What’s your name?” she asked a boy of about ten. He was tall and had short brown hair which complimented his piercing blue eyes.
“Thomas,” he replied, “but you can call me Tom.”
“That’s it? No surname?”
“I don’t know my surname…this is an orphanage. We come here often. You’re probably not from around here then.”
This made the girl feel uncomfortable for asking. He looked like a nice person so she wanted to keep in contact with him. “No I’m not from here. I’m Lauren Green by the way. Do you have a mobile number?”
“What’s a mobile?”
“Oh nothing…it’s nothing”.
That was a close call she thought. Mobiles just seemed so obvious back in the present. She decided to continue exploring the lovely garden when suddenly an ear-piercing alarm started wailing. Everyone started running and panic-stricken Lauren turned to go back to Harry. “What’s this?” she asked confused.
“Oh no! I forgot! There is the war right now, look everyone is running to a shelter. Quick, to the time-machine…I don’t want to die here!”
“No buts, quick! Run!”
Thankfully they made it in perfect timing since soon after, bombs started raining on the place. Harry quickly dialed in the present time and the time-machine zoomed off, leaving no trace of its existence.

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