Traveling in Time Chapter 2

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Ch 2
The next day Lauren woke up earlier than usual since she hadn’t slept a wink that night. She started packing a small bag to take with her. It was important to travel lightly; anyway it didn’t look as if the time-machine could carry much weight. She soon started wondering if the travelħling was that day after all since the Inventor hadn’t said much except for her to meet him the next day at the same time.
The girl finally made it to the Inventor’s shop and gathered enough courage to knock on the glass door, all the time wondering if everything had been just a dream. The Inventor could be heard yelling from inside, “Inventor’s invention shop is closed!” He opened the door and looked surprised, “Oh it’s you, come in, come in! I was starting to think you weren’t coming at all!”
Ok, so it definitely hadn’t been a dream.
Lauren finally found herself in the room where the time-machine was. Everything was as she had left it except that now, the machine was making peculiar noises and its wheels moved from time to time. The Inventor rubbed his hands together and suggested, “I thought we’d go to the past first, 1900’s or something. Oh and… call me Harry. Inventor’s too long,” and with that he smiled a smile which lightened up his whole face.
The girl at once realized that this was the day, the day when she would travel through time and for a while she was proud of herself for doing this. She noticed that both she and the Inventor had one main goal in mind and that was to prove people wrong and show them that they are capable of many things. Lauren wanted to show the world what women can do whilst Harry wanted to show everyone that he wasn’t a stupid, good for nothing Inventor. He was actually very clever and never gave up on what he thought was right. (omg this paragraph… poetry af omg I need so many emojis right now)
She hopped into the machine together with Harry. Although it looked very tight of space from the outside, it was actually quite spacious and they both fit comfortably. The Inventor started playing with various switches and brightly coloured buttons. A keypad emerged out of nowhere and he typed in the year 1940. “What do you think? Not too far away from the present!” he exclaimed. Lauren just nodded uncertainly. Had she made the right decision of accompanying him? Would this thing work at all?
The time-machine started glowing in a bright white light and both Harry and the girl had to shut their eyes tight. It started hovering slowly above the ground and suddenly disappeared, leaving no proof of its existence except an empty room. The passengers opened their eyes slowly and processed what was around them. Multi-coloured tunnels swirled all around. Lauren was confused; this was surely not the year 1940. Was this place even Earth? As if reading her thoughts, Harry pointed out, “We are travelling through time! Ah, I know what I should call this place! This is… the time tunnel!”
Bits and pieces of time could be seen floating around them including various historical events and wars. All at once the time tunnel started disappearing rapidly until the machine touched solid ground with a hard thud. They had finally arrived. They were successfully the first people to travel through time!
Lauren and the Inventor immediately looked at each other with an unreadable expression and unexpectedly started laughing with utter joy. They laughed and laughed until their sides ached. It was truly a breathtaking experience. They had made it to a completely different year and proved so many people wrong!

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