Traveling in Time

Hi guys I just finished a new book. Hope you like it 🙂 . I don’t know what to name itttt ughhh. Whatever it’s going to be Traveling in Time.

Ch 1

Lauren strolled across the dusty road as the cool summer wind ruffled her hair. She was a fifteen year old girl with ginger hair and chocolate brown eyes and was wearing blue jeans and a simple white shirt. She spotted the small shop, it’s once beautifully decorated sign now faded with time. The girl wasn’t sure if she should go in but then remembered the conversation she had had with a village boy just the previous day.
He started by saying, “I want to do something big one day”
And she replied, “Yes, me too, I’ve always learnt never to give up on your dreams.”
“You? But you’re a girl! You should be doing housework whilst we men save the day!”
Lauren scrunched up her face in an annoyed manner at this and replied, “Feminism! I am going to do something extraordinary one day and you’ll regret ever saying that!” and she stormed off furiously.
Yes, she was definitely entering. A green sign clearly read ‘closed’ but the girl knew that someone was inside as there was the sound of shuffling and some mumbling at times. She looked for a doorbell but there wasn’t one so instead she knocked on a glass door so dusty that it didn’t allow you to peek inside. At once the shuffling seemed to be coming closer and the door opened with a creaking sound. “Didn’t you read the sign ms?” a rough voice grumbled, “Inventor’s invention shop is closed! I’m working on something new, don’t disturb me! Why are you still here?”
Lauren almost considered leaving but then explained calmly to the Inventor, “I know that you’re working on something big but you need someone to help you test it. No one has come yet since they don’t believe that you are capable of creating something as grand as this. Yes, I’m talking about the time-machine!”
The Inventor stared at her in disbelief, his salt and pepper grey hair rising on end. His cool blue eyes widened at these words. “Come in, come in!” he beckoned her inside. Yes, it was true what this strange ginger haired girl had said, every single word. I suppose word’s gone round by now he thought.
Dimples appeared on the girl’s face as she smiled confidently and walked inside. The tiny shop was quite dusty and had the strange smell of newly bought books. Random objects lay scattered on the ground, waiting for someone to trip on them. Lauren followed the Inventor to a spacious room at the back of the shop. The only thing in sight in this room was a cube-shaped thing with wheels. It was made of glass so the girl could peek inside. Apart from many strange buttons and levers, it had two comfortable seats covered in a velvet red cover.
At the side of the room there were also two wooden stools and the Inventor invited Lauren to make herself comfortable on one of them whilst he prepared some warm tea. He soon came back with two steaming cups of tea and sat on the second stool. “So?” he started, “You want to help me test the time-machine. Finally someone has appeared! Ok, we are going to go once to the past and once to the future. All you have to do is to stay with me and do as I say.”
Lauren nodded and took her first sip of tea. It was terrible! She strained a smile and the Inventor said, “That tea is my speciality! I’m glad you like it. It has blended French fries inside it!”
At this the girl was disgusted but managed to keep her steady smile. The Inventor said a few more words and told her to meet him the next day at the same time. Before she left, Lauren found a sink and poured the French fry tea in it so as to get rid of it. She thanked the Inventor and left.
The girl was very satisfied with herself. She was determined to show the world what women can do!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin

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