A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 22

After explaining to everyone that the king did not steal the cupcakes, all the friends worked on a plan together. Soon after, ten mouth-watering chocolate cupcakes sat in the middle of the castle hall. They all hid and waited for something to happen.

“Now we wait…” whispered Ocean.

After a few minutes they started getting restless but they needn’t be. A funny quacking duck of a bright green colour appeared. It licked it’s lips in anticipation and gobbled up all the cupcakes before their very eyes!

“There you have your thief,” giggled the king helplessly,”A little duck!”

Everyone joined in his laughter and the castle was filled with their jolly sound. They realized that all that fighting was for a very silly reason!

After all the mishaps that happened, our story ends happily. The wall between Pinky Planet and Yellow Planet was broken down and everyone could see their long lost siblings, how many cries of happiness took place on that very day!

Michael who was missing Earth, the planet where he came from, decided that it was time to go home. It was hard to say good-bye but in the end, he gave them cell-phones and chargers so that they could call each other whenever they wanted to.

His friends and family back on Earth missed him so they hugged endlessly. He explained to all the world what he had seen on Pinky Planet and many rocket expeditions where made. He even ended up on the front page of all the newspapers and magazines!

It was a definite happy ending for every single character!

The End.

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚



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