A Trip in Outer Space chapter 21

The king led the scientists to his castle, not a soul was in sight. This was all part of the plan. The three friends followed silently behind, ducking whenever someone looked back.

“We are much more advanced than you think, we have invented machines that can take any defenses you have brought so you might as well leave them here,” warned the king.

The scientists followed his instructions to the letter, who knew they were so gullible?

They silently entered a pitch black room. As they did so, soldiers jumped on them and tied their hands with a strong rope. The king had quietly slipped out of the room since the soldiers would not know who was who in the dark.

The scientists of Yellow Planet began shouting furiously and sweat dribbled out of their foreheads. They had been caught, it was all a well-planned trap!

Everyone else started roaring with laughter. Now all that was left was to find the real thief, the thief who stole the king of Yellow Planet’s cupcakes!

To be continued…

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