A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 20

When the king was alone, the friends got out of their hiding place and formed a well-planned trap. They would save the king in no time!

The three couldn’t afford more precious time so they made the king ring the emergency bell whilst they hid themselves well in the cupboard. This bell had been placed just a few centimeters away from him so that if he decided to tell them anything, he would use it. Of course the kind never did until no since the truth potion had not worked.

Many aliens were running towards the king, they were dying to hear some positive news!

“I have just remembered were I hid the cupcakes. Follow me, you can not go by yourselves,” the king ordered strictly.

Michael, Ocean and Nick’s face all lit up brightly with pleasure as the scientists blindly followed the king. Now that they had convinced the Yellow Planet aliens, it was time for part two of the plan.

Michael dialed a number on his cellphone,”The king is coming! Prepare the army, you’ve got some capturing to do!” he grinned.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin

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