A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 19

The friends spotted the king slumped on a comfy rocking chair. As soon as they entered he muttered,”He’s coming to save me.”

“It’s us!”cried Michael worriedly.

“Oh, finally! You came! I’m not really confused or anything, I don’t know why but the truth potion is not working on me. Oh, they saved you Nick!”

“Your majesty! You scared us to death! Why did they give you the truth potion?” asked Nick doubtfully.

The king laughed wholeheartedly and answered,”They thought that I stole the king of Yellow Planet’s cupcakes. I didn’t, I told them this, but they still won’t believe me. Wait… they are coming, hide!”

They all ran as fast as they could into a big heart-shaped cupboard whilst the king stayed where he was, acting as if the truth potion was working.

“He’s not saying anything useful,”a scientist whispered to another,”Tomorrow we will leave him in the dungeon.”

The trio noticed that they had to form a plan, an fast!

To be continued…

Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


Writing Penguin

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