A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 18

The friends did not know were the lab was as none of them had ever been in there.

“I saw a sign pointing to the laboratory, just before we saw Nick,” jumped in Ocean.

They all followed him and he was right! Standing before them was an arrow with ‘laboratory’ written on it. They hurriedly ran in that direction. The lab was a big circular building. Many people were rushing in and out but they somehow managed to get in without being seen.

“Guys,” shouted Ocean,”Are you hearing what I’m hearing? That is the king’s voice! He must be in this room!”

Michael had an idea,”We need a distraction to get everyone except the king out of that room. We can crash that vase. People will come and see what is happening whilst we secretly sneak in!”

Everyone immediately agreed since this was their only hope.

‘Crash!’ went the vase as it touched the floor. Aliens emerged from every corner to search for the object that had made the sound. There was a big commotion so no one took notice of the trio. They tip-toed quietly to the room.

They were finally in, their plan had worked!


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