Poetry,A Zoo, A World of Animals

On Sunday I visited a kind of zoo in Malta called Noah’s ark (we don’t have actual zoos in Malta as it is too small but we have several places which hold a good quantity of animals.) These are the animals I saw:

A big black cat

For us is a panther.

For a poor little chicken,

A terrifying hunter.


Emu, a big, funny bird

With a tall beak.

Don’t put your eyes close

For those it loves to seek!


Monkeys so cheeky and cute!

They have tall tails

And really neat



Naughty goats

Making a loud sound,

They can be heard

From all around.


Tigers, so majestic

And filled with stripes.

To little animals

Giving scary vibes.


A grey, old

Cute donkey.

Eating grass.

No others can be as adorable as he.


Their were also chickens

Running around free

And so much more

For you to see!


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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