A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 17

In the royal prison there was an average sized laptop with all the rooms and people listed on it. Without hesitation, the friends went to search in what room the king was. Surprisingly, they found out that he had been taken there but removed shortly after! They tried to search were he had gone but the field which was supposed to show this was empty.

Footsteps were heard echoing around. “We have to hide quickly! Get under this the table!” whispered Ocean the alien worryingly.

“Where do you think the king is Nick?” asked Michael.

Nick replied,” I don’t know where else they could take him! Maybe this guard will give us a hint.”

The footsteps turned out to be of a thin alien guard. A second one came running after him,” His majesty would like to make sure that you have taken the Pinky Planet king to the laboratory,” he huffed.

“Yes, I have just come from there. We’ve given him the truth potion but all he keeps saying is ‘He is coming to save me’!”

The trio winked at each other, they knew who ‘he’ was. It was Michael, that was why the king had called him back to the castle the following day. He knew that he would soon be captured!

To be continued…

To read the previous chapter click here .

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Writing Penguin.

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