A Trip in Outer Space chapter 16

“Who is this?” the shoe asked, opening two large, emerald green eyes.

Nick whispered,”It can’t see or hear very well. Michael, you look the closest to the aliens who live on Yellow Planet. Pretend that you are holding us captive.”

The human instantly obeyed,”I have prisoners! Please let me in!” he called out clearly.

“What is the password?” the shoe asked.

At first, Michael was confused, that is, until he remembered that the shoe couldn’t hear very well. He decided to invent a password. What else could he do? He couldn’t waste time thinking or the magical shoe would get suspicious.

“The password is Shoe!” he answered with determination.

“Yes,” smiled the shoe,”You are correct, the password is Happy. You may enter.”

That had nothing to do with what Michael had just said although somehow they were in! What luck! Each and every one of them smiled with glee as they smartly marched inside.

To be continued…

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Writing Penguin.

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