Fun Ways to Study!!

Sometimes studying gets sooo boring so it is a must to invent something fun in order to stay focused!

1.  The first method is to sing what you have to study to the tune of your favourite song. You’ll be singing and studying at the same time!

2. A method which I use a lot is pretending I have a class to teach. Of course since there really isn’t anyone I would have to play all the characters! My typical lesson would usually be something like this:

  • “Hi everyone! Today I will be teaching you… ” I then read the first paragraph.  “Who would like to read?” I shout a random name.
  • I go to a different place in the room and read the text again.
  • I then explain it as the teacher. After a few more rounds… “You can have a break since I am going to have a shower.” Surprisingly the students all act normally! (I am one strange teacher…)

3. Another way is to call a friend/s and you read and explain the text to each other. Of course in my case there is more talking and laughing than studying!

Hope you find these helpful! 🙂


Writing Penguin

🙂 🙂 🙂


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