A Trip In Outer Space Chapter 11

“On this side of the planet it looks pink but on the other side it looks yellow which is why it is called Yellow Planet. The two sides have been fighting for years! There is no doubt that they kidnapped him!” continued Ocean to the human.

They decided to go there since it was their only lead. Fortunately cars had been invented there (since they had copied them from us).

It was still a very long journey but Michael felt at home since all the surroundings were like ours. He also saw some gooeys riding pink unicorns! Hank’s little daughter was right!

Luckily the astronaut hadn’t landed too far from the yellow side and they finally made it.

“Wait, what’s this!?” worried Michael.

The alien replied,” Oh, right… I forgot about that. This is the great wall of Pinkyellow. No one can cross that, it keeps us apart!”

“But the kidnappers must have passed from somewhere! There might be a secret door or tunnel.”

“Good thinking! We must start searching immediately!”

To be continued…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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