A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 10

As the two friends hurriedly made their way outside, they were greeted with angry looks.

A gooey shouted in a harsh voice,”The human has stolen the king! Who else can it be if not him? The human has stolen the king!”

Michael exclaimed,”I promise, it wasn’t me! Why would I do that?”

“Oh yeah? You didn’t do that? Well, go find him then!”

The astronaut hesitated but agreed. Ocean decided to go with him too since he knew that Michael  was not guilty.

“Where should we search first?” Michael whispered to Ocean.

Let’s search for clues in the king’s room,” Ocean whispered back.

They breathlessly made it to the skyscraper, not one soldier or servant greeted them with a friendly smile.

The king’s room was still in a terrible state. A notebook caught the alien’s eye.

“Look here!” he exclaimed in alarm,” The king was writing and then he made a long line down his page, that means that he really was kidnapped! They probably grabbed him by surprise!”

“And this badge must have fell from someone who kidnapped him! What’s it of?”

“That’s the badge of the right side of Pinky Planet! It’s called the Yellow Planet there, they are big enemies of ours!”

It was their first clue!

To be continued…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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