A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 8

“Come in!” called a tired  voice whilst wheezing and coughing, it was the king.

A servant opened the door smartly and the two stepped in. “It really is a human!” exclaimed the king with a kind smile on his face.

The king was like no other gooey. He was of a beautiful golden colour and a salt and pepper beard came out of his gooey chin. His beard also matched his bushy eyebrows which nearly covered his emerald green eyes.

Ocean whispered to the astronaut,”Legend has it that he is the oldest alien on all of Pinky Planet, I never believed them until now.”

The astronaut smiled and agreed. The legend was definitely true.

“Dear human, what is your name?” asked the king in a jolly voice.

“Michael sire.”

“Dear Michael, I am glad to introduce you to Pinky Planet, the home of the aliens. That is what you humans call creatures from outer space.”

“Can I call you gooeys? The name aliens just doesn’t fit right for you.”

“Um.. sure. Before you go, please come back tomorrow, I would like to tell you something.”

“Yes your majesty!” Ocean and Michael said in unison  whilst bowing in a polite manner.

They did not know why the king wanted to see them the next day but they were so happy to be seeing him that they forgot to ask.


To be continued…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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