A Trip in Outer Space Chapter 7

As the gooey alien (who’s real name, Michael learnt, was Ocean since he was of the colour blue) put his hand on the cold metallic door knob and turned it, the door creaked open.

Gooeys dressed in smart uniforms looked closely at them. “Do you have an appointment with the king?” one of them asked politely.

“No, we don’t,”the two friends said in unison.

The soldiers looked at each other but said nothing, They normally would have kicked them out but they did not dare do it to humans.

The astronaut asked for the king and so the soldiers went to call for him whilst one of them told him that he could take of his astronaut suit (Yes, he had remained with it the whole time!). As Michael removed his helmet, he noticed that the air was very safe, probably because there were a lot of trees.

Ocean nearly had a laughing fit when he noticed that his human friend thought that the air was not safe, it was very obvious to them aliens!

After a few minutes, the soldier returned, “The king would like to see the human for himself, follow me. Ocean, you may come too, to accompany him.”

And off they went to see the king of Pinky Planet! They were very excited, would the king be as kind as they hoped? They would soon find out!

To be continued…


Thanks for reading!


Writing Penguin.

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