The Forest’s Secret Chapter 18

As the fairy was going to grab the gem and run, a voice called out,” What are you doing here!”

It was an ugly goblin, servant of the goblin priest. Heather had to think quickly or she would get caught.

She tried to make a straight face and covered her trembling hands behind her back whilst saying “I was sent to get a…” she looked around the room frantically, “…book! You don’t need to wait for me, I know where it is.”

“Okay, sure. For a minute I thought that you were here to steal the gem!ย I was just going to the party, see you soon!” the goblin said and walked out of the room.

Heather waited until she heard the door close shut and then let out a deep breath. She had gotten lucky but if there had to be a next time she would try and be much more careful!


Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚


Writing Penguin.

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