The Forest’s Secret chapter 13

Angela was now in a fairly big leather bag which was closed tightly. The goblins were making a strange kind of dance around the bag, in celebration of catching their very first human.

Although Angie could not see a thing except pitch black darkness, she could hear quite well.

A goblin who despite his old age was a very trustworthy priest to them spoke up,” We have caught a human! We can now use her to test Mr Wisegoblin’s potions. We can start tomorrow, just after the flying ceremony where everyone here will have the power to fly, thanks to our newly stolen gem!”

Every single one of them started cheering at once.

Angie realised that the goblins had indeed the most treasured possession of the fairies!

After a few hours the goblins left the room with the girl in it, probably going for a rest. It was already 2pm!She only had an hour to get out of there!

Luckily, Angie still had her phone, she dialed a number,” Hey, Will, do you know where the dark caves are?” she asked.

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Writing Penguin.

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