The Forest’s Secret Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Once they were back home, Angie paced up and down in her room.

“If I’m going to find that goblin hideout I need to know a lot about those creatures.I’ll just search goblins on my phone… seriously, no internet! I’ll have to go to the library.”

Her parents were amazed that she had finally decided to open a book so they gladly let her go. She skipped happily out of the forest and went to the nearest library, it wasn’t very far.

It had big double doors and when inside you could see many shelves separated neatly with different headings like ‘children’ and ‘fiction’.

“Do you have some books with information about goblins?” Angie asked the librarian.

The librarian answered confused,” Goblins? Well… you can surf the web. The computers are on the right side of the library, you have one hour.”

Angie started searching at once. It did not take her very long to find the answer. Amongst many other information, she found out that goblins live in dark caves. Surprisingly there were some caves not far from the cottage. This would be the next step on her mission to find the missing gem!

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Writing Penguin.

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