The Forest’s Secret Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“What are you doing alone out here,” said a smooth voice,” Exploring? Me too.”

Angie jumped with fright.”Who are you?” she shouted.

“I’m Will, we come here for the holidays every year. I know this place like the back of my hand,” he continued.

“So there are more cottages?”

“Yes, about five.”

“Um…If I told you that my cottage, was near a small oak tree, on the south side of the rainforest, would you show me the way? I’m kind of lost…”

She knew that she shouldn’t trust strangers but he was her only hope. She couldn’t even call her parents, she had tried that but there was no reception.

“Sure, come with me,” he smiled gently.

Angela took this time to study his features. Will had untidy, jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes which shone like a thousand stars every time he smiled.

In ten minutes, they had made it to Angie’s house. It wasn’t as far as she had originally thought.

“This is it, isn’t it?” Will asked.

“Yes, thanks,” she answered.

“Before he left, Will got out a piece of paper and a pen,” This is my number,” he said.

Angie smiled, took the paper and silently made her way to bed.

To be continued…


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