The Forest’s Secret Chapter 6

Chapter 6


“Today,” mum said,” We are going to see a really tall tree,one of the tallest in the world! We might even try and climb it! You can get your drawing book to try and draw this magnificent tree.”
Angela formed a plan in her mind. She would try and enjoy herself as much as she could whilst keeping a lookout for anything peculiar. She couldn’t do much else.

They went on foot and it was a very long way from the cottage. Angie was relieved to see the gigantic tree in front of her. Now it was time to search for clues.

“Um, I’m just going to explore this tree for a bit…,” murmured Angie.

“That’s the spirit!” shouted mum.

She decided to go round the tree in search of… she wasn’t quite sure yet.

“Hmm sap… and glitter is stuck to it,” she thought, Wait, so do fairies actually have trails of glitter following them? Well, however it got here, pink glitter can’t arrive in the middle of a forest by accident. I’ve got proof that this forest is holding a secret!”

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Writing Penguin.

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