Chapter 4 The Forest’s Secret

Time for chapter 4!


“Rise and shine!” exclaimed mum, next to Angie’s bed,” We have got a long day today.”

The teenager woke up happily. She ate her toast with nutella in one gulp and put on her new tracksuit. It was really comfortable.

Dad suggested,”What if we go have a walk around the forest today? We can get used to our surroundings better that way. Don’t forget your camera!”

Everyone agreed on his suggestion  and in a few minutes they were wondering around the beautiful forest. The serene chirping of birds echoed around the forest, multi-coloured flowers covered every inch of the place and the family awed in wonder. They had never seen such beauty.

Unexpectedly Angela felt a drop fall on her head. She looked up to see a girl of about her age on top of an oak tree. The girl was crying bitterly. There was something strange about her… she had wings! Angie rubbed her eyes and when she looked up again, the girl was not to be seen.

“Look at this flower!” cried dad, “Angie, is something wrong?”
“I… it must have been my imagination, never mind,” she replied confused.

And she tried to remove what she had just seen from her mind, she thought her eyes must have been playing tricks on her.

To be continued…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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