The Forest’s Secret chapter 3

Time for chapter 3!

The family hired a car and drove for hours until at last found themselves at a rainforest filled to the brim with tall trees and exotic animals. They parked the car and went in by foot. After a few steps, a small but comfortable cottage came into view.

“This is where we will be living during our holiday,” smiled dad, ” Why don’t we explore the new house?”

Angie adored her new room, her favourite part was the window which overlooked a beautiful view of wild flowers.

“I’d love to explore this forest,” thought Angie, “Who knows what secrets lay within?”

After the teen unpacked, she lazily climbed into bed and thought about what a wonderful time she would have tomorrow. Who knows what exciting things tomorrow had planned for her?

Before she dozed off, she thought that she had heard a faint whisper and flapping of wings.

“Was that…” she thought but she was so tired that a second later she was already fast asleep.

To be continued…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.



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