The Forest’s Secret Chapter 2


Welcome to chapter 2!

After doing all the required things before boarding on an airplane, they were finally settled on the plane.

” I can’t sit still, I’m so excited,” laughed Angie.

“We’ll be living in a cottage, I’m sure you’ll like it. From the window inside your room there is a beautiful view!” said dad.

The plane started driving and after a few meters, started rising high into the sky. From the window you could see people getting smaller and smaller whilst little toy cars drove through narrow roads. It was breathtakingly picturesque.

The teenager spent the whole time looking out of the the beautiful view of hundreds of clouds. You could almost call it a city of clouds! The sun shone through the clouds, leaving a streak of light, looking like a magical waterfall.

The plane landed with a terrifying bump.

“We’re here!” shouted Mum,” grab your bags and lets start moving! We’re off on a wonderful adventure!”

To be continued…



Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.



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