Chapter 9

Hey everyone! Time for the last chapter!

Azhim was speechless,” I am so happy! I got bored of all this darkness,” he exclaimed, nearly in tears.

With a wave of his hand, light was restored. It was beautiful. For the finishing touch he lifted his hand and flowers sprouted from every corner.

“Thank you,” smiled Andrew, ” Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome. And I should thank you for bringing happiness to my heart,” and with that the bright light disappeared from the naked eye, but really he was still there, watching over the land.

When people saw that the place had lit up everyone went to see who was this hero. Journalists surrounded Andrew who told the story without leaving any details. He made sure not to forget the part were Macy showed up, she had saved the day.

This place is still here, amongst us. No one knows which part of the world it is but I can gladly say that it is still present with natural light filling its every corner.

The end.


Thanks for reading 🙂 Now that I have finished this story, feel free to comment a suitable name for this story. Thanks.


Writing Penguin.





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