Chapter 8

Welcome to chapter 8!


“Down here!” called a familiar voice. Andrew looked down to see Macy staring and waving at him.

“I was worried so I followed you. I asked if helpers were allowed and Azhim said yes!”she smiled.

Wow, she was braver than the rest of the staff at SFW! Maybe it was the strength of love. Andrew had never been happier to see that face in front of him.

“Hurry, get the ladder. It’s resting on that palm tree,” shouted Andrew.

That is just what Macy did. It was clearly a very heavy ladder since she struggled to carry it but eventually it was in front of the spy.

“It’s the exact length from the branch to the ground, we must be on the right track!” laughed Macy.

He made his way down, step by step. If he messed this one up, light in Azhimba would definitely not come. As both his feet touched the ground, he cried with pleasure. He had passed the last test. Finally, a break from all these unusual challenges!

“Light, here I come!” cheered Andrew as he and Macy found themselves in the desert once again.

To be continued…


Thanks for reading! Only one more chapter to go.


Writing Penguin.





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