Chapter 7

Hi everyone! It’s Writing Penguin! 🙂 Time for chapter 7.

When Andrew entered the door, he found himself back at the desert.

“You clearly have the talent! But I assure that the next challenge is impossible for a guy like you. For the last challenge the aim is to get back on the ground. Off you go!” boomed Azhim.

As Andrew thought about the aim he knew that this did not sound easy, this was obviously hard.

He found himself in the air and… he was flying. How could this be? As he tried to search for some type of machinery which would help him to fly he felt a hard tug from his collar.

This was no machine, Andrew was being held from his shirt collar by a hawk. Where was it going? The adventurer assumed that the hawk was taking him to its nest. He soon found himself situated next to a bunch of eggs. Now why would he be taken here in the first place? The hawk disappeared, probably to get more things which catch its interest.

“This must be where the challenge starts, I must get down from this tree, “Andrew thought.

As he peeped down to see how far from the ground he was, he almost fainted with shock! This tree was ginormous! So far, everything visible to him had been ginormous so he wasn’t sure if he had become miniature or if everything around him had become twice its size.

He decided to start thinking about his mission, first he had to get out of the nest. With some pushing here and some pulling there he managed to make a hole through which he could just fit.

The adventurer carefully made his way out and jumped onto a sturdy branch. As he searched for another branch he observed that only one was in reach and it was considerably thin. He slid onto it and it immediately snapped in half. Andrew found himself sitting on the one beneath it. This is more or less how his journey continued for the next half an hour.

He finally made it to the last branch. unfortunately there was still a long way down to go.

“Should I jump?” thought Andrew, “No I’d be lucky if I only broke all of my four limbs.”

All of a sudden a wooden ladder resting on an opposite tree caught Andrew’s eyes. It was just the right size for him to get down but how could he possibly reach it?

To be continued…


Thanks for reading:)


Writing Penguin.




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