Chapter 6

Hey everyone! Yesterday was my birthday, I’m finally thirteen! Ok, back to the story.

Chapter 6

“I am impressed, you passed this test with flying colours! Now here comes another one,” laughed Azhim,” Find the code to open the door.”

Andrew thought that this sounded easy too but decided not to judge a book by its cover.

He found himself at the bottom of the ocean with a diving suit and an oxygen tank. He was in an old sunken ship but strangely enough there were three doors which looked very modern. One of them had buttons with numbers on them and a screen with three lines. “The code has three numbers,” thought Andrew.

He decided to go into the first door, this one had a silvery kind of hue and was slightly ajar. As he took the first step (or swim) into the room, he noticed that it wasn’t very spacious. There were two brightly coloured fish in the room. “The first number must be two,” laughed Andrew,” Why did he say that this was difficult? I could do this all day!”

He went into the following room. This time, in the middle of the room were multi-coloured flowers of all shapes and sizes. The spy counted nine in all.

Now, all that was left was to find the last door. The spy searched and searched but alas, the door was not to be found. He gave a cry of despair. Unfortunately this earpiercing cry upset three eels who were sleeping cosily in some comfortable algae. They were deeply angered and so they shot out of their places to give him an electric shock.

Andrew nearly jumped out of his skin with fright. He started swimming frantically, trying to find the last door so that he could get out of this dreadful place.

“Just like Azhim to give me a shock during the hardest part,” said Andrew with anger.

His arms and legs  were getting tired and he could barely swim anymore.

“How I wish that you held the code so that I could just stick you to the door and get out!”shouted Andrew to the eels.

What he had just said gave him a brilliant idea. No, he was not going to stick the eels to the door. But… what if the last code was not behind a door?

With the last few energy which he had left, Andrew swam to the screen. ‘293’ he wrote

The code meant, two fish, nine flowers and three eels.

The door opened abruptly.

A robot voice clearly said,” You have achieved the second challenge!”

To be continued…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.





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