Chapter 5

Hey guys! It’s Writing Penguin. 🙂 Welcome to chapter 5 of my story!!!


The voice of the god Azhim boomed,” For your first challenge you must find the golden egg!”

Andrew was baffled. A golden egg? That was new! All of a sudden the darkness changed into multi-coloured stripes which turned into a beautiful forest filled with the pleasant sound of chirping birds. He thought that this was to be an easy job but soon ruled out that thought when he heard a terrifying roar. My vocabulary fails me when I try to describe his feelings at that particular moment! A huge dinosaur with fiery red eyes appeared before him!

The adventurer guessed that there might be millions of these dinosaurs across this wondrous and somehow magical forest.

Andrew thought,” This must be some kind of magic, dinosaurs are extinct!”
Yes, Andrew was right. Azhim had used his magic to create these monsters. The dinosaur, who Andrew noticed, was a carnivore had not seen the spy yet.

As Andrew was thinking, a weird but intelligent thought came to mind. What if this is all a TV screen? ( He still couldn’t believe his eyes at the picture before him!) So he decided to try and touch the creature. This was a terrible mistake since the dinosaur turned at once and spotted him immediately.

Andrew confirmed that it was indeed real. The adventurer froze on the spot, what had he just done?

As the creature started running towards the explorer, probably with the intention of having dinner, Andrew snapped back into reality and ran as fast as his two feet could carry him, fortunately he was quite light on his feet.

As he was running he stumbled across many stones, sticks and bones.

Andrew, who was astonishing in his calculations thought,” If I trip once more it will definitely catch up with me,”

But he did trip once more, although instead it was a streak of luck. He stumbled across something made of pure gold, it was a golden egg!

“I found it, I have indeed just found the golden egg!” he exclaimed with pure joy!



Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.




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