Chapter 4

This is Writing Penguin! Welcome to today’s chapter of my story:)

It was still quite early and the explorer enjoyed seeing rays of sunshine seeping from between the morning clouds and leaving golden ripples on every rock in sight. How wonderful! Andrew longed to be up there forever but he knew that one day he would have to face that horrible, dull place. He couldn’t shake the feeling of excitement which had been trapped inside of him for so long.

Finally Andrew was just a few minutes away from the volcano. He had stopped many times to eat, sleep and once even to go to the gym! He had to be in perfect shape for his mission! The heavenly smell of nature started to fade away. Andrew half expected to smell fire or pollution but it was nothing like that. There was no smell at all! He had heard so much about this place but now that he was floating on top of it he knew that it was worse. The only colour visible except black was his parachute which glowed pure white on top of all that nothingness.

He started landing cautiously, determined not to make a sound. He had feared so much this day and finally he was here, not even knowing if he was to make it out. As the hot air balloon touched the ground with a thud, Andrew took out one foot and then the other. When he was fully on the ground he bent down to see what was underneath him. Soil, rocks and sand,lots of it. It would be perfect for planting crops, what a waste of perfectly good land!

He remembered the box covered in diamonds. Andrew felt in his pocket and took it out. He opened it carefully with trembling hands, the spy still hadn’t got used to all that darkness. He set it on the ground. Now how would he call the gods? He hadn’t thought of that before!

He started stuttering,”Dear um…gods or er… god of A-Azhimba. I-I have come to… er…speak to you. Would you… be so k-kind as to show yourselves or er… yourself?

All of a sudden the darkness opened up to a blinding light of a golden colour. A harsh, loud voice called out,” Who dares wake up Azhim?”

Andrew was speechless, could this be? “My name is A-” he started murmuring.

“I know who you are,” replied the god Azhim,” You have come to seek light, is that so?”

Andrew couldn’t disagree. He thought to himself that he, who had went on so many spellbinding missions was scared for once.

Azhim continued,” You are the first to ever have tried. If you want light back you have to complete three missions, I doubt you will complete but one. Are you up for the challenge? I cannot guarantee that you will come out of here alive.”

Andrew swallowed his own words, ‘he might not come out of here alive.’ But… he had gone on so many missions! He had never failed any yet. At least if he fails these he would have died trying.

“Yes,” he shouted confidently,”I am up for the challenge.”

To be continued…

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing Penguin.


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