Chapter 3

Are you curious to see what will happen? This chapter 3 of my story:) If you haven’t read the previous chapters I suggest that you go and read those first.

Andrew had been flying between sky and sea for over six hours and he started to notice that although he could see the volcano it was more than three days worth away without stopping. Counting sleeping and eating, it had to be at least five days away. He had been enjoying it up there with the cool breeze in his face. He also had a picturesque view of the sea. Unfortunately his tummy started rumbling and he had to find someplace safe to land.

“I can see some land over there. There are many people too. I’ll buy a postcard for dear Macy. She must be worried sick by now,” thought Andrew to himself.

He found a thick patch of grass and landed over there, somehow managing not to be seen by attentive watchers. He soon found a tiny souvenir shop which fortunately had a large array of postcards. The explorer carefully chose a beautiful one and wrote it with a pen which appeared from his pocket.

“There, sent. Now I should stop and eat, some communication with the world would certainly do me some good,” he thought whilst finding a table at a cafeteria.

Andrew was ordering when an elderly man came and sat in front of him. “May I?” he asked.

“Sure, you’re more than welcome,” replied the spy. Andrew decided to take the opportunity to ask about Azhimba. “So you know that place? Azhimba? I’ve got a mission there, do you have some useful information about it?” he asked.

The man replied with a steady smile,” Wow, you sure got guts. I don’t know much about it but I have something which should help you an awful lot. Do you intend on calling the gods?” Andrew admitted that yes, he had intended on calling them. “Well listen here,” the old man continued,” This box will help you, open it before calling them. With bare hands it’s quite difficult to wake them up from that long sleep.”

While saying these last few sentences, he produced a tiny, golden box. It had gems carefully placed all around it. It was gorgeous. He gave it to Andrew who quickly put it in his pocket. He had been trained on handling precious items well. How lucky he was to find this man to sit in front of him from many others!

“So long,” he called before departing in his hot air balloon.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Writing penguin.



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