Chapter 2

Hello and welcome to the second chapter of my story:) If you haven’t read chapter 1, I recommend that you go read that one first so you know what is happening.

Andrew walked to a taxi. “Where would you like to go?”asked a teenage man with a cap slid over his eyes.”

The spy knew the answer to this question. “99 Cottage, Diamond Street,”he commanded reassuringly.

“Sure thing, hop into the taxi,”said the taxi driver and drove towards the address.

They arrived at a busy street filled to the brim with cars. “This is it, thanks!”Andrew said to the taxi driver whilst paying him.

He climbed out of the vehicle and walked toward a spacious cottage covered in ivy. His bony finger found its way to the doorbell and gently pressed it twice.“Who is this please?” asked a melodious voice.

“I just read a book about hot air balloons and I want to tell you all about it,” said the spy through the microphone of the doorbell. The door opened with a buzzing sound. What Andrew had just said was a code which opened the door to the Secret Laboratory of Vehicles or the ‘SLV’, as he liked to call it.

“Hello Andy!” said a red faced man called Johnny,”Come for a vehicle?”

“Yes, a hot air balloon. I’m going to Azhimba,”he replied

“Ooh, mysterious, I would have come with you but I’m not going to set foot in that place. A shiver goes down my back every time I hear the name. A private jet would have been better for you but it would look suspicious going in the direction of the desert,” laughed Johnny.

He took Andrew next to a capacious hot air balloon. It was painted the colour of the clouds from top to bottom so as to be camouflaged from prying eyes.

“Wish me luck,”smiled Andrew as he hopped into the hot air balloon. He noticed that from the inside it was actually quite modern since it was filled with the latest equipment. The ceiling above him opened up swiftly. Andrew started up the engine and went out into the open air. “North,” he said to himself as he looked through a detailed map and took out his compass,”Land when you see a dormant volcano.” This in other words is known as a ‘sleeping’ volcano. It had been switched off by the powerful gods too but could still work if they allowed it to.

“Off I go on another adventure!”he cried as he turned the hot air balloon into the right direction.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Sincerely ,

Writing Penguin.




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