Chapter 1

Hi everyone! This is Writing Penguin and this is the first chapter of a story which I have been writing.

“Don’t go,” she said weakly.

“I have to,” he said and ran out of earshot so that he could hear no more.

This man was Andrew and he was twenty years old. He worked for the SFW team (Spying, Fighting and Winning) and was the best applicant which they had ever acquired.

The ‘she’ is Macy. Macy was Andrew’s girlfriend, his one and only. Andrew wasn’t the most attractive man you could find due to all his scars which many of his missions had left on him. But Macy still loved him because she know only  of his heart. She knew that he never blew his trumpet about his good deeds.

At this moment in time he was going to the desert of Azhimba, a wide empty space filled with nothing but darkness. It was said that the gods had switched off the place because of all the horrible people who lived there. The obedient ones also had to suffer the consequences. They could not find their way around so they  could not get out of this dull place.

I personally do not believe in all these gods, I only believe in one God but this is how the story goes and this is how I will tell it to you.

Macy was heartbroken but she knew that every cloud has a silver lining. She kept hoping that Andrew would come back. He was sent on a mission to ask the gods for light again. What would the gods would do? Let’s just hope that it was something which he could handle.

“I have left home,” he whispered in his microphone from which co-workers were eagerly listening. “I repeat I have left home. I am now heading to the hot air balloon.”

Planes existed of course, but none went to Azhimba. Everyone feared this place. Not an owl hooted, not a lion roared.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading the first chapter!

Please feel free to write any comments.

P.S The desert of Azhimba is just a name which I invented.


Writing Penguin. 🙂


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